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Of Men and War shows how watching and listening, how simply being there, can be overwhelmingly active, subtly radical, and for the men and their loved ones forever disrupted by experiences of war—in other words, a large percentage of us, spread between nations and over generations—potentially transformative.
A piercing, devastating film...about the latest American adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan that moves beyond descriptions of male bonding in battle, and delves fearlessly into the aftermath
Bécue-Renard, following the vérité documentary style, refrains from identifying the men with on-screen text, save the times they refer to one another by name on camera, and the effect is shrewd. It serves to present what these veterans go through as less a spotlight on one corner of the war and a few of its sufferers, but something systemic we all should be thinking about.
An accomplishment of [Of Men and War] is making us see as the veterans do...The film’s drama unspools between this open world and those close trenches of trauma, the mind.
“Knowing that these veterans are in the process of creating a narrative helps them survive. As a result, this gives lots of hope for viewers. The analysis of a legacy left behind lets the audience understand.”
“Disregard your personal feelings about the military, U.S. involvement in foreign wars, or a French director making a movie about Americans. This film is raw in the truest sense, yet refined in its sympathy and scope.”
“The horrors of the battlefield come home to roost in ways that are both riveting and deeply disturbing in Of Men and War, a remarkable chronicle of Iraq War veterans suffering from the devastating effects of PTSD.”
Of Men and War's compassion is matched only by its relentlessness. ”
Of Men and War is a provocative film. It is a brave film. It is an honest film. And it is a film that every American should see.”
”Filmed almost entirely inside the Pathway Home in California, a residential therapy center for veterans, this devastatingly raw documentary shows that for some the fighting may stop, but the suffering continues.“
"Might be the most powerful Iraq war movie in years."
"A work of astounding sensitivity and precision, Of Men and War argues for emotional honesty as a moral and psychic imperative."
"An essential document of 21st century American conflict."


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