Of Men and War Documentary Film


“Simply and profoundly humanistic, Of Men and War is a massive film wrought from tiny gestures.”

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Of Men and War
Posted by Alive Mind


Shot over five years, Of Men and War gives perhaps the most in-depth look at the recovery efforts of veterans suffering from PTSD. Through unprecedented access to their lives at home and intensely vivid footage of some therapy sessions, director Laurent Becue-Renard unveils the gripping, upsetting reality that is the daily life of most war veterans.

Of Men and War takes place at The Pathway Home, founded by veteran therapist Fred Gusman in Yountville, California. For the duration of production, director Laurent Bécue-Renard was granted full access to the facility, where, over five months of quiet observation, he gained the trust of the veterans and their therapist. Only then did Bécue-Renard begin filming every aspect of the veterans’ lives – including their intense trauma therapy sessions.

The therapeutic process allowed soldiers to grasp what they did, endured, and witnessed – and to understand how those experiences mold who they are today. PTSD can be neither cured nor forgotten, but, in articulating trauma, the warriors can work to find their way forward through the pain.

Of Men and War gives viewers a glimpse into the tragic lives of the men and women who fight for our nation’s security as they struggle to find the energy left to make peace with their past.